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Library Farting Prank

Libraries are supposed to be a quiet place. What happens when someone starts to make loud fart noises? Check out this video to find out 🙂Liked this video? Consider sharing …

Farting in Times Square Prank

People are taking pictures in Times Squre and Ed Bassmaster decides to “fart” next to them, and he catches some hilarious reactions!Liked this video? Consider sharing this page with your …

CIA Agent Prank

CIA Agent Prank – Ed Bassmaster dresses up as a CIA Agent and pranks people on the street.The best part of this video is when the police come, around 3:21Police …

Vampire in Philadelphia Prank

Vampire in Philadelphia Prank – Ed Bassmaster the master of Pranks strikes again. This time he is scaring people dressed up as a Vampire, in Philadelphia.What would you do if …

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